"Empowered Culinary Rockstar and Recognized Cannabis Professional, on a path to Entrepreneurship and consultation."

I spent 10 years in many types of kitchens, now it is time to enjoy my own! 

Incredible Edible Chef is creating an educational platform sharing knowledge with free food content,  and cooking with cannabis classes and consultation. 

The goal is to create a place of no judgment with insight on how anyone can safely incorporate cannabis with cooking. By this, they hope to establish comfort for the consumers while continuing to break stigma.


logo of woman chef with tattoos and hair curls holding a spoon


Nourishing fun and healthy lifestyle with cannabis. 


To help culinary enthusiasts and cannabis consumers by providing education and resources to find innovative solutions in incorporating cannabis into their cooking and culinary experiences.


Providing a respectful online community where fans and fellow professionals can express themselves free from judgment. To continue breaking stigma as well as heightening emotional and mental health in the industry. . Here, Edible Chef can share expert advice, recipes, education, and consultation on safe and responsible cannabis consumption from the freedom of their home to yours.